Resin tray handling instruction

An always existing problem and challenge for DLP/SLA 3D printers is the crack and temperature resistance of resin vats against the continuous influencing of the UV fractions of the units’ light sources. To this, we have developed, together with our team, their own resin container or resin tank (resin vat), which comes with a combination of a long-term UV-resistant acrylate in the area of the vat’s frame compartment and substrate, made of acrylic. In general, the transmissive areas between the container and light sources are exposed permanently which can cause brittleness and accelerated ageing or they become cloudy. In accordance, this resin vat remains more durable against such influences. In addition, the glass substrates are covered with ReCoat and a micrometer-thin sheet of FEP foil which leads to 100-200 prints of long life. The container can be used in different 3D printer systems. On request, the vats can be offered also in different sizes and amounts.

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